Luis Carter

License#: 9725407-SA00

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About Me

Personally responsible for 81 closed transactions since May 2019. In other words, a plethora of recent experience, which will help you in your search to sell or buy your home. In addition, over the past 21 months I have been leading a team of agents as a Buy Team Manager, teaching them how to negotiate contracts, communicate, achieve promoter NPS scores and through that process, I increased my overall expertise level beyond a lifetime of experience for an average agent. Trust is a word often thrown around by individuals who don't understand its profound meaning. The trust you place in an agent not only involves the transaction itself, but also captures the human element of finding someone you would be proud to call a friend for the rest of your life. Selecting me means you will not soon forget me and I promise you, we will be sharing life experiences well beyond our real estate transaction. I'm here to earn your trust and yes, I do know a thing or two about human relationships, the kind that make it possible to achieve the objectives that landed you on this page. I forgot to mention, I am an expert data analytic, when combined with this profession, makes me pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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